Mudra Band for Apple Watch


The Revolutionary Neural Interface for Your Apple Watch: Effortlessly Control Your Entire Apple Ecosystem.

  • Apple Watch is sold separately
  • Works with Ultra!
  • Mudra Band app is required for initial setup and settings
  • Compatible with Apple Watch Series 4 and above
  • Compatible with iPhone 10 and above
  • In the USA, we are exempt from sales tax, so you save even more!
  • What's in the box: 1 Mudra Band, 1 charging cable
Shipping & Returns
  • Your Mudra Band may take up to 7-14 business days for delivery
  • You’ll receive a tracking number within 3-5 business days
  • 30 day money back guarantee. Free shipping in the USA is included
Sizing Guide
  • For Apple Watch case sizes 42/44/45/49mm, wrist size must be between 6.1 - 8.2 inches (155mm-210mm).
  • For Apple Watch case sizes 38/40/41mm: wrist size must be between 6 - 8.1 inches (152mm - 207mm)
30-Day Money-Back
1 Year Warranty
Free US Shipping

"The Mudra Band can track exactly what you want to do"

Math Binder

"Mudra Band seems like something out of science fiction"

Dave Johnson

"It could interpret my finger's movements, and enen roughly measure fingertip pressure"

Scott Stein

Technical Spec


3 SNC neural sensors
6-DoF IMU Accelerometer & Gyroscope


Up to 2 days battery life
Full charge in 80 minutes

  • Biocompatible silicon
  • Nylon fabric adjusting strap
  • Stainless steel electrodes
Weight & Dimensions
  • Width: 22 mm
  • Thickness: 10 mm (Including strap)
  • Weight: 36 gr

Apple Watch series 4 and above
iPhone 10 and above

  • Bluetooth low-energy
  • Automatic firmware updates via Mudra Band App
Conditions of use

Water resistant (IP56)


Single indicator
Colored and flashes

Whats in the box

1 Mudra Band. 1 Dual Charging Cable.

In their words


What wrist sizes does Mudra band support?

For case sizes 42/44/45/49mm: wrist size must be between 6.1 - 8.2 inches (155mm-210mm).

For case sizes 38/40/41mm: wrist size must be between 6 - 8.1 inches (152mm - 207mm)

Is Mudra Band waterproof?

Mudra Band is water-resistant but not waterproof. You can use it while doing dishes or washing your hands without any special care, but it shouldn't be taken into a pool for swimming.

How will Mudra affect my watch battery?

Mudra comes with its own battery and does not drain your watch battery. Since the band communicates directly with your iPhone the battery power will be affected as when using other Bluetooth devices.

How long will the Mudra battery last?

Mudra Band's battery lasts for at least 2 days of regular use.

What's the return policy?

Enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee on your purchase. please visit our Refund Policy Page for more details