Mudra Band for Apple Watch

Size: Medium - 38/40/41mm
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  • Compatible with iPhone 7 and higher
  • Compatible with Apple Watch series 5 and higher
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Sizing Guide

Size Small fits Apple Watch case sizes 38/40/41mm. Size Large fits Apple Watch case sizes 42/44/45mm & Ultra (49mm).

Introducing mudra band

A true engineering breakthrough

The Mudra Band captures signal originating in the brain while travelling on your wrist and translates neural signals into digital actions

Level Up Your Apple Experience With Intuitive Gestures

Slide, Snap & See The Magic

Easy To Get Started

Onboarding experience that will help you get the most out of your Mudra Band in no time.

Apple Series 3+

Compatible with Older Models

It's amazing to see that the Mudra can do it's magic even with older models. Anything from Series 3 and above goes!

Roadmap to the Future

Here To Innovate

Mudra will soon control many more devices around you. Seamlessly controlling the user interfaces that tomorrow brings is our mission.

Redefine touch

Meet Air Touch

The cutting edge techlogy that allows Mudra Band to control everything around you without touching.

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Awards won

Award winning Product

The world's first neural wristband that can actually read your mind.

mudra band app

Complete Your Experience With Our App

The Mudra app unlocks the full functionality of your wearable technology. Customize each and every input range, sensitivity, speed and more for total control of your experience.

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Switch Between Devices on The Fly

Control the Apple ecosystem like never before.
One Band. All of Your Devices.

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Defies The Laws Of Pyshics

Outside the Box is in the Box.

You are the only interface,

More than a Band. It's a Bond.

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What wrist sizes does Mudra band support?

Mudra band is compatible with all Apple Watch case sizes. You can adjust the Mudra band length to fit wrist sizes ranging from 6 1/2 in to 8 1/4 in (165mm to 210mm).

Is Mudra Band waterproof?

Mudra Band is water-resistant but not waterproof. You can use it while doing dishes or washing your hands without any special care, but it shouldn't be taken into a pool for swimming.

How will Mudra affect my watch battery?

Mudra comes with its own battery and does not drain your watch battery. Since the band communicates directly with your iPhone the battery power will be affected as when using other Bluetooth devices.

How long will the Mudra battery last?

Mudra Band's battery lasts for at least 2 days of regular use. It will take about an hour to charge.

What's the return policy?

you can get a full refund before the product ships. we offer 30 day returns. please visit the refund policy page for more details