The world's first neural wristband

The Mudra Band for Apple Watch uses your wrist neural signals to control Apple devices using simple hand and finger gestures.

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from intention to action

Every action begins with a thought

We turn your decisions into actions!
Whenever you are about to move a finger, our sensors capture the neural signal from the wrist and translate them into an input command.

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Comfortable, Stylish, Accurate.

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Patented SNC neural sensors

Armed with 3 SNC sensors, the Mudra band captures and analyzes neural patterns, ensuring unprecedented precision and a smooth performance.


New architecture for new technology

Carefully designed to integrate rigid components within a flexible environment, striking the perfect balance between durability and comfort.

One Band to Rule Them All

Seamlessly Switch Control Between your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and MacBook.

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always be Exploring

A new way to experience your favorite apps

It's all in the wrist

Enjoy interaction beyond boundaries

The mix of Surface Nerve Conductance sensors and IMU motions ensure you use comfortable body postures wherever you are.

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mudra band app

Complete the experience with our app

The Mudra app maximizes the full potential of your neural interface band. You can explore your neural signals
in real-time, adjust personal settings, and pair additional devices to maintain a consistent workflow.

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