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My Neural Signals

My Neural Signals

With the Mudra Band, the future of touchless device operation is at your fingertips. In this blog post, we will dive into the fascinating realm of neural signals and unveil how the Mudra Band detects biopotentials from your wrist, transforming them into digital commands.

The human body is an intricate system of electrically active cells, especially within the nervous system. These cells produce biopotentials, which are minuscule electrical signals that carry information between our brain and various parts of our body. It is through these neural signals that we are able to control our movements, senses, and overall bodily functions.

Within our bodies, three crucial nerve bundles play a significant role in controlling the movements of our hands and fingers: the Ulnar nerve, the Median nerve, and the Radial nerve. Each of these nerves has a specific area of influence, enabling us to experience touch and position sensations in different parts of our hands. 

With the Mudra Band's specialized SNC (Surface Nerve Conductance) sensors placed strategically above these nerve bundles, it becomes capable of detecting and interpreting the biometric signals generated by these nerves. By translating these signal patterns into digital commands, the Mudra Band opens up a world where our neural signals become the key to touchlessly operating devices, bridging the gap between mind and technology.

The concept of measuring biopotentials from the surface of the skin is not a novel one. Throughout history, this phenomenon has been utilized in clinical settings to diagnose and monitor various diseases and conditions. Motoric injuries, such as muscle disorders, have been assessed using electromyography (EMG), while heart arrhythmias have been analyzed through electrocardiography (ECG). 

Drawing inspiration from these clinical sensing methods, we have developed a unique wearable sensing system that harnesses the power of biopotentials. Through the fusion of cutting-edge technology and our proprietary SNC sensors, we have created a revolutionary wearable device that brings the power of biopotential measurement to the fingertips of users around the world.

The Mudra Band incorporates proprietary SNC sensors designed to pick up the tiny electrical signals - the biopotentials, that come from your wrist. They work by converting the natural electrical activity on the surface of your skin into electrical signals that the Mudra Band can decipher. This innovative technology allows the Mudra Band to capture and interpret the signals from your wrist, and transform them into digital commands. It's like having a translator that converts the unique electrical activity of your wrist into commands that can operate digital devices without physical touch.


My Neural Signals in the Mudra Band App

Within the Mudra Band app, we have integrated a feature that allows you to witness your neural signals in real time. When you wear the Mudra Band, you can observe the neural signals moving in perfect synchronization with your finger movements. It's a captivating visual representation of how the technology operates. 

Start by moving an individual finger, like flexing the index finger or the thumb finger inwards. Then softly tap the index finger on your thumb. Notice how each finger movement generates a unique signal pattern. The signal patterns are the nerve signal readings by the SNC sensors. Since each nerve bundle is in charge of specific fingers, the nerves “fire” signals in correlation with the finger muscles that they control. 

To truly grasp the concept, try having someone else move a finger for you while wearing the Mudra Band. You'll notice a significant difference – there will be no neural signals generated. Why does this happen? It's because when an external force moves your fingers instead of your own brain's intent, there are no biopotentials generated by nerves for the Mudra Band to translate into digital commands. This simple yet powerful demonstration reinforces the idea that the Mudra Band is intricately connected to your neural signals, enabling touchless device control based on the commands originating within your own body.


The Mudra Band is an extraordinary innovation that harnesses the power of neural signals, transforming the way we interact with digital devices. By detecting and interpreting the biopotentials generated by our nerves, the Mudra Band opens up a world of touchless device control, where our thoughts and intentions seamlessly translate into digital commands. With its proprietary sensors strategically placed above crucial nerve bundles, the Mudra Band bridges the gap between mind and technology, offering a seamless fusion of our neural signals and the digital realm.

The Mudra Band propels us into a future where the boundaries between mind and technology fade away, and our neural signals become the driving force behind our touchless interactions.

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