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Toggling & Switching Air-Touch Between Devices

Toggling & Switching Air-Touch Between Devices

With the Mudra Band's latest feature, controlling your Apple ecosystem devices has never been easier.  In this blog post, we will explore how this game-changing feature works and the immense value it brings to users, enhancing convenience and providing a seamless device control experience.

The toggle & switch feature empowers you to effortlessly switch your control between your connected Apple ecosystem devices such as iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. Furthermore, you can connect additional devices.

In today's interconnected world, where our devices play a vital role in our daily lives, the ability to transition seamlessly between them is necessary. The Mudra Band's toggle and switch feature is specifically designed to address this need, enabling a smooth and hassle-free transfer of control. No longer will you need to struggle with multiple remotes or deal with the inconvenience of reconnecting to the right device. With just a tap, the Mudra Band effortlessly transfers your control, allowing uninterrupted access to your digital ecosystem.

Whether you're a professional working across multiple devices or a tech enthusiast enjoying entertainment across Apple devices, this feature saves you time and effort. Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling remotes or searching for the right input settings. The Mudra Band simplifies your life, putting control at your fingertips.


How it Works 

On the homepage of the Mudra Band app on your iPhone, you have a section dedicated to your controlled devices. To add new devices or replace existing ones, click on the editing tool. In this screen you will be able to pair or replace your connected devices.

When you want to use Air-Touch and toggle & switch between all of your connected devices, you can simply click on the connected device you want to control, and the Air-Touch will seamlessly transfer from the previous device to the new one.

Not only that, but you can also add your connected device to your Apple Watch face. This way, you can simply tap on the device icon on your Apple Watch screen and see how the Air-Touch control switches over instantly. 


Apple TV Air-Touch vs Other Devices 

Air-Touch can be also used as a Track Pad input on your Apple TV.

While your iPhone, Mac computer and iPad can be controlled using a pointing device functionality of point, click and drag&drop, your Apple TV does not have a cursor. Instead, it’s like a trackpad. 

When controlling your Apple TV, you will notice an item is highlighted. This is the item you are currently viewing, and to select it simply tap your fingers to select. If you want to reach a different application or button, you must pinch and hold, and scroll to the sides or up and down to reach your desired item. This is just like clicking right, left, up or down on the Apple TV remote.


In our tech-driven world, the smooth transition between devices is vital for a truly immersive user experience. That's where our Toggle & Switch feature comes in, offering a simple and quick solution. Seamlessly switch from one device to another with ease, ensuring a hassle-free and uninterrupted flow. Enjoy effortless connectivity and unlock a world of possibilities in a way that's intuitive and straightforward.

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