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Air Touch Gestures Overview

Air Touch Gestures Overview

The Air-Touch  functionality of the Mudra Band provides touchless control of Apple ecosystem devices. 

In this blog, we will delve into the gestures, how to perform them and what functionality they provide.

Air-Touch is a combination of wrist movements and finger gestures, where wrist movements are for navigation and finger gestures are used for selection and digital element interaction. Air-mouse provides a pointing device functionality of point, click, drag and drop.

The Mudra Band gestures are simple and intuitive.

  • Simple = gestures are performed in relaxed and comfortable spatial body postures
  • Intuitive = inputting commands using familiar gestures with the right context

Mudra Band uses a mix of discrete and continuous gestures, combined with air-mouse, to provide the Air-Touch input method.

Now, let’s go over each gesture used to touchlessly operate your devices.

Pointer/ Air-Mouse

  • Use this gesture to navigate or highlight an area of interest using a cursor.
  • How to perform - move the forearm, while the elbow is fixed with a straight wrist.
  • This gesture is not used on Apple TV devices.


  • Use this gesture to select an object or activate a button.
  • How to perform -  firmly tap your index finger with the thumb finger. Use the pillows of your fingers.

Pinch & Hold 

  • Use this gesture for a long press, such as on an app icon to preview contents and perform quick actions.
  • How to perform - pinch your index finger and thumb finger, and keep applying fingertip pressure between the fingers.

Pinch & Slide 

  • Use this gesture to swipe left or right, or to scroll up and down.
  • How to perform - pinch your fingers and keep applying fingertip pressure, then move your arm left and right, or up and down. When finished, release the pressure.


  • Use this gesture to go back to the iPhone Home screen. Do it twice in a row to get to your recently used apps.
  • How to perform - twist your wrist back and forth quickly.

Air-Touch can be also used as a Track Pad input.

While your iPhone, Mac computer and iPad can be controlled using a pointing device functionality of point, click and drag&drop, your Apple TV does not have a cursor. Instead, it’s like a trackpad. 

When controlling your Apple TV, you will notice an item is highlighted. This is the item you are currently viewing, and to select it simply tap your fingers to select. If you want to reach a different application or button, you must pinch and hold, and scroll to the sides or up and down to reach your desired item. This is just like clicking right, left, up or down on the Apple TV remote.


We’ve created a visual video guide showing how to perform each gesture, with tips on the do’s and don'ts. Watch the video to learn more about the Air-Touch Gestures:

The Mudra Band opens up a world of touchless device control through the power of hand gestures. With detailed explanations, a visual guide and ample practice time provided within the Mudra Band app's onboarding flow, mastering each gesture becomes a seamless process. 

We are confident that with these simple and intuitive gestures, you'll quickly become a master of touchless device control, effortlessly commanding your devices with confidence and ease.

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